Thursday, 26 April 2012

Primrose Bakery- Don't bother!

£2 per cupcake ... not bad
£13 delivery........ say what now?

Cost:               From £2
Location:        Covent Garden
Quality:            Tasty and looks good
Suitability:       Anyone

I ordered from Primrose Bakery at last minute realising I needed a birthday cake for a 30th birthday. I emailed in hope they would be able to help me out with 6 cupcakes (3 choc/3 vanilla) with a happy birthday message written on them…. I was thrilled when they confirmed it would be possible and they would be there within 1.5 hours (great just what I needed).

The service was clearly good to be able to turn it round that quick.... although to be fair its only writing on pre made cupcake. The cupcakes were presented nicely and tasted good....well the chocolate ones did.

My annoyance with this company lies in the ordering technique. When ordering the cupcakes, seeing my desperation they took the opportunity to neglect telling me how much they cost. I asked 3 times and they completely ignored me to which at the end told me 'you will receive an invoice thanks for ordering'. I know most people in a sane mind wouldn't have ordered until they knew but I wanted the cake!

But wait...... it gets better! the cakes charged at £2 per cupcake wasn't too bad... maybe slightly more than most places but reasonable. The delivery charge was £13….. from WC2B to WC2H!

In the end my 6 fairly average cupcakes cost me £25!

Thanks for the daylight robbery Primrose...... I hope you choke on icing :)

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